Monday, October 17, 2011

Perfect Pencil Pouch: a Tutorial

Here is a tutorial one of my favorite pencil pouch! I use it every day at school to carry my pencils, pens, and calculator from class to class. It would be great for stashing things in your purse to keep them organized.


striped fabric
a zipper

To start determine how big you want the pouch to be. I suggest 6"x8" for a standard pouch. This will fit a calculator, pens, and pencils. You can switch up the sizes for fitting different things.

 Cut out the pieces: 2 of each.

Pin them wrong sides together and make sure the sides match up.

 Sew lines down the stripes. Make sure to be careful to go straight--the stripes can be kind of an optical illusion after a whiel! I suggest about 5 seams to hold it in place. Repeat with the other set of denim and fabric.

 Pin the zipper on upside down to the striped fabric. Sew a 1/8 inch seam. This is to hold it in place for the next step.

 Flip it over and pin the panel up onto the zipper. Sew along the zipper on the fabric.

 This picture shows the nice piping effect you get from sewing the zipper on this way.

 Turn it inside out and pin. Make sure to open the zipper up 1/2 way so you can flip the bag inside out when we're finished. The bottom seams should match up so you can sew a 1/4 inch seam along the bottom.
  Next pin it so the zipper and bottom seam match up. Sew the short sides.

 Flip it inside out, trim any extra strings and there you have it, a perfect pencil pouch!


  1. Seriously so so cute! I am scared of using a zipper. One day I shall try... ;)

  2. Oh it's great Abby , thanks for sharing !

  3. I love how you used your recycled jeans in the project. The fabric is very pretty. It's indeed a "Perfect Pencil Pouch"!
    Thank you for a great tutorial. :)

    BTW, I'm over from "Sew Cute Tuesday" @ Creative Itch.

  4. I featured this today in my "things I like thursday" post. Check it out:

  5. This is cute! I might try to make one with my girls. Thanks for sharing.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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